AGM And Board Re-Election 全体会员大会及理事会换届选举



1. 本届理事会2017 – 2018年度工作总结报告
2. 本届理事会2017 – 2018年度财务报告
3. 协会理事会的换届选举。
4. Potluck聚餐。协会将提供水果和饮料。

如果您还没有机会缴纳今年的会费,请您带上现金或个人支票。如果你现在还不是协会的会员,你可以在开会之前现场登记注册成为协会会员。会费:家庭 $20元/每年,个人 $10元/每年。

时间:2018年5月12日,星期六 晚5点半
地点:61 Forbes Drive, Saint John E2K 2R4 (RiverCross教堂)


Dear Members,

The Greater Saint John Chinese Cultural Association will hold a potluck dinner and Annual General Meeting on May 12 Saturday. Members and Family are welcome to attend. Every attendee is asked to bring a potluck dish to share. The association will provide fruits and beverages.

Agendas will include
1. 2017-2018 Activity Report
2. 2017-2018 Financial Report
3. Elect the President of the 2018 – 2020 Board of Directors
4. Potluck Dinner. Drinks, snacks and fruits will be provided.

Collection of year 2018 membership fee will be conducted on the same day. Please bring cash or personal cheque with you if you have not had the chance to pay. The membership fee is $20/year for family, $10/year for individual. Thank you for your consistent support.

Date Time: May 12, 5:30pm
Venue: 61 Forbes Drive, Saint John E2K 2R4 (RiverCross Church)

Board Directors of the GSJCCA

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