About Us

The Chinese Cultural Association of Saint John is a nonprofit organization founded on July 20th, 1984, which has no affiliation with any religious or political party.

The objectives are:

1. to conduct classes teaching Chinese language and culture.

2. to permeate Chinese Culture and promote multi-culturism.

3. to promote understanding and goodwill between Chinese Canadians and other ethnic Canadians.

The Chinese Cultural Association provides social fellowship for members and friends of the association. Provides Cantonese and Mandarin interpreters. Resource person to speak on Chinese culture to schools.

The Chinese Cultural Association also operates a Chinese Language Learning School, September through June.

Membership is open to public. Annual fee: $20/family or $10/person. Annual membership starts from June 1 to May 31 of the following year.

Mailing address:

PO Box 2661
Saint John, New Brunswick
E2L 4Z1

Email: info@ccasj.org

Telephone: (506) 898-1186

圣约翰中华文化协会成立于1984年. 其宗旨为传授中国语言及中华文化; 宣扬中华文化以及促进本事多元文化之交流; 增进本市华人与其他族裔彼此的了解与认识.


想获得更多关于协会的信息,请定期登陆协会网站:www.ccasj.org, 或发送电子邮件到 info@ccasj.org

电话:(506) 898-1186


1.请将个人或家庭信息(姓名/地址/电话/电子邮件)连同支票(会费:个人10元/年 或 家庭20元/年)寄给:Chinese Cultural Association of Saint John Inc

2.邮寄地址P.O.BOX 2661 Saint John, NB E2L 4Z1


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